LTD “Green Cape – Innovative Construction Engineering Company is operating on Georgian

  • Market since 2009. The main fields of the company are:
  • Project Management of any type of buildings (architectural & Constructive part);
  • Ground tillage and preparation of construction site (including all type of difficult ground);
  • Construction-montage works, as ferroconcrete, as well iron framework constructions;
  • Refinement of concrete surfaces, enforcement and polishing with the newest technologies;
  • Adjustment of Thermal & Hydro isolation systems with modern materials and technologies;
  • Interior & Exterior design of the building & finishing works ;
  • Equipment of the premises with any type of inventory;

The company has 200 qualified employers and its material-technical base is equipped with the newest machinery.

On the other hand, the company owns the quarries of inert materials. The criterion performance of the quarry located in Marneuli region, East Georgia is 1200 m3 in a shift, while the quarry located at the bank of Enguri River, West Georgia is 1000 m3 and in the nearest future is planned to increase the capacity up to 2000 m3.

The company collaborates with the world’s most leading companies as: Schueco, Guardian, Simens, Shneider, Klemann, Maris Polymers and others.

The company constantly brings in and implements innovative technologies approbated worldwide in Georgian market.

Adjustment of concrete surface with the newest technologies

Company has implemented the refinment of the concrete surfaces with the newest technology that represents as a reinforcement material of the concrete surfaces based on the lithium basis – developed first in the United States and spread worldwide. It’s been more than 10 years this material has commuted other concrete reinforcement technologies in Europe and in America. Using this technology increases the firmness of the concrete surface 3 times, the surface becomes waterproof and excludes the formation of the dust. Concrete surface becomes firm toward the various solvents: oils, petrol and other chemicals. Also protects from outer influences (rain, snow, wind, hail and other).

With the help of consummate material-technical base and experienced specialists is possible to fulfill the polishing of concrete surface according to the modern requirements.



Therm and hydro insulation technologies

        The company’s one of the most important profile is therm and hydro insulation technologies. Our company is representative of very famous Greek brand “Maris Polymers” in Georgia.

Maris Polymers is one of the leading manufacturer of hydro insulation systems on Polyurethane basis.

Maris Polymers successfully works in the world’s 45 countries

Maris Polymers has thousands of customers ensured in the quality of hydro insulation

Maris Polymers systems are widely used in a new and  a built up buildings.

Maris Polymers systems are used for roofs, terraces, parking areas, stadiums, spa centers and pools, for roads and bridges.

Advantages of Maris Polymers

  1. Technology creates conglomerated membrane without joint stitches that excludes water leakage.
  2. Waterproof
  3. Enduring toward plant roots
  4. Is elastic and used to fill up the cracks
  5. Has possibility to be used on an old bitumen insulation
  6. Enduring toward sun rays and at the same time ensures thermal insulation.
  7. Keeps its physical- mechanic characteristics in the temperature ranges (from -40 ° C up to +90 ° C).
  8. Easily sticks on every surface
  9. Product has high restraining factor and is less dangerous for pedestrians and also for car movements
  10. Enduring against oils, washing powders and other chemical products
  11. The surface can be colored with various colors, has self-finished look and does not need any revetments.

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