Hotel Castello Mare

The Complex is located on the black sea coast, whose architectural appearance marvelously merges with Tsikhisdziri landscape. Within the complex was built 20 000 sq.m premises, where was located hotel and entertainment zones, was fulfilled  external infrastructure on  16 500 sq.m, the railway line stretched directly on the construction site was covered under 200 m tunnel, was constructed the access road to the complex and the most important, the first time in Georgia, on the black sea, was established  geothermal system, where the sea temperature is used for receiving the thermal energy.


Luxury Hotel Complex “Castello Mare“on the black sea coast, in Tsikhisdziri




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King David – a multifunctional complex is our Company’s ongoing project, located near the bridge of King Tamar, on the left riverside of Mtkvari and is represented as a new visit card of the city.The complex consists of two 115 and 70 meter towers merged with the rock relief. The taller tower is considered for the apartments, while the second one for the „A” class business centre.


The total area of the complex is 87000 sq.m. From our company’s side are fulfilled  ferroconcreteworks. For the foundation 7500 m 3 concrete was infused in non-stop time regime, which is record-breaking in Georgia, in the field of constructing high premises. Within the project were used new technologies as in the building field, in the engineering sphere as well.  Interior and exterior design wasworked out by our company’s architects and group of designers.

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For this project our company has prepared multistory automative parking project that is on the other hand exclusive on the Georgian construction market.

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Orexus Tower

Multifunctional apartment complex


With the order of foreign investors, our company is building “Orexus Towe”, located in the center of the city, beside the Sports Palace. The project group planned architectural and constructive part of the 25 floor complex. At this stage, we are processing with the construction of ferroconcrete  framework. The total area of the complex is 39000 sq.m


Living House on Chkheidze street

Living house is located in the historical part of the capital, on Chkheidze street. The project is made by the company’s architects in accordance with the characteristic style of old Tbilisi consisting of modern design elements. The total area of 9 floor building is 12000 sq.m